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Beware of Motivational Preachers

According to clement stone, there is a difference, that difference makes a big difference, the difference is attitude, and the big difference is whether it is positive or negative. I was forced to one of the motivational preaching church for a friends child dedication where the pastor sounded somewhat biased about human attitudes vis-a-viz there progress in life, according to him, human attitudes determines the outcome of their success or otherwise, in his word, if you think you are poor, you will remain poor and if you think you are wealthy, then the consequence of your thought is the aftermath of your life.

He went further to buttressed his point that people are suffering today as a result of their thoughts and fear. True as this motivational speech could have sounded to the many who bought into it with enthusiasm and chant reeling the air with some praises on the pastor, it defies emotional, psychological and religious logic, from the religious standpoint which am not too equipped to school you, somewhere in the Holy Bible, Sarah, Abraham’s wife mocked God with skepticism when she was promised a child and that was a very negative attitude but God overlooked her skepticism and still surprised her with a son,(that’s a God of times and season) same, I studied applied to Esther at some point in the holy book so from the religious standpoint, this motivational speaker has deviated from the Godly principles of time, season, predestination and hard work, from the emotional standpoint he totally misled his people into thinking that something was wrong with their default configuration for entertaining skepticism and fear and there is this woman beside me humming in agreement with everything that is pronounced from the pastor.

The preacher has intellectually subjugated this group of people to believe that if they dream of themselves flying their private jet, they will provided they can dream it, and proclaim it, the problem is, no part of his sermon mentioned hard work, reward for hard work or dignity in labour, and when it was time to admonished them to pay tithe, the Woman beside me started shouting “soon I will pay my tithes in dollar”. Psychologically, the admonishment has failed to recognized that human by default is supposed to allow fear crept in and that beyond what the eyes can see, mind conceived, mouth confess, there is also a thin line, what the hand can do to make all the above receive heavenly blessing and earthly multiplication.

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My Patriotism Story: A Joke in Action

am never giving up on Nigeria

am never giving up on Nigeria

Its yet another Independence anniversary for Nigeria and i have thought: what should i ramble about? Nothing pops up in my cheezy breezy weezy brain… i carried out a survey with two friends.

Sunday, my naughty friend suggested i write on “patriotism”. I declined because that would amount to betraying my conscience going by the connotative implication of the word “patriotism” hence, i cant say for sure ‘how patriotic i am’ judging by the fact that; i never recited the national anthem during NYSC orientation in camp; never remembered the nation in my sparingly morning devotion; have never worn anything green white and green(don’t even know what that connotes) and i have never made any known sacrifice for the nation aside forfeiting my meals in camp……so Mr. Sunday. What is patriotic about me when patriotism is not viewed from the perspective of the innateness school of thought?.

Mr. Suleiman suggested i, (his exact words) “write about the urgent need for a change of leadership, orientation of the masses about the brewing crisis and a host of other known issues”.

What my hommy meant by “host of other known issues is what am yet to decipher, since there was no known conference organized to itemize known issues after the Kutigi led romance that ended in 2014 and is already known.

Then as for his protest for a change of leadership, am wondering; could he be referring to a shift in political party? (I don’t think so, hey! No way, this dude is too sensitive not to know that the ruling party and the oppo-attacking are the same; could he be referring to the military taking over power? Nah! That guy enjoys his swags and freedom of expression and choice, especially with matters unconnected with the opposite sex, no way he will advocate for TYRANTS

Maybe he was referring to the youths. But how can that be? I remember him telling me during our undergraduate days….”oboy if i get dey opportunity na to enrich myself and my family oh…no time” ( his exact word). How can the same person advocate for his types to take over the helms of affair for change..nah.

Less I forget, he equally mentioned the orientation of the masses against the brewing crisis. Why the question of who the masses are in Nigeria is making the local pharmaceutical store in by neighborhood rich in the sales of paracetamol each time I search my head for the answer. I think the Anus-Horribilis of some slapsticks comedians from the south who are planning genocide and separation of Nigeria or the ongoing political genocide by the scariest element in the north should not be viewed as brewing crisis or the mindset of the masses (just thinking aloud).

With my glass of champagne raised acknowledging; Nelson Mandela, Fella Kuti, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Shehu Shagari, Michael Kombol,Ezekiel Asemah, Ngugi, Brutus, Achebe, Soyinka,Birago Diop, Gabriel Okara, Gever Celestine, Kayode Teslim, Ogujobi Jeremiah, Ifeoluwa, Timi Yesiebo, wordpress, Suleiman Isiaka, Dickson Ajogu, Opeyemi, my humble self and other black heroes who fought and are still fighting for the physical freedom of the black race……. i wish you guys a happy independence anniversary………thanks for flying with me.

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The Dollar Syndrome (2)

As you read, the dollar syndrome has affected even marital consummation, I eavesdropped into a discussion, a man was telling his friend (I guess) that his wife now denied him sex because dollar was high. The same fellow went ahead pouring out his randy rage on Mr. President but never questioned the sanity of his wife.

The only path to true human development and liberation for the majority of the people of Nigeria is through the transformation of struggle to replace and reshape negative thought with positive ones and work towards it, that is why development should be seen beyond government or economic affair but rather as an overall social process of the citizens which is dependent upon the outcome of their effort to deal with their natural environment and make positive contribution towards the development of their country rather than make democracy in this country a process by which we elect the man who takes the blame…..Freeman 2014

If there is anything Nigerians are good at, it is finding fault where there is non and apportioning blame and that is why men find it sane to blame or divorce their wife for not giving birth to a male child.
Our bad attitudes must be blamed on the president. Why not, after all he is the head of the nation but picture a scenario where the blame for every juvenile acts perpetuated by a child is apportioned to the father. I guess you will agree with me that we will have as much fatherless children as rogues, cultist, rapist, murderers and thieves. But someone must be blame and that person definitely is not the ape or monster that resides in everyone of us, that person is; the president, the governor, the local government chairman, the counsellors that we elected into power.

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Reality Sucks

People will come and tell you they won’t hurt you
People will come and tell you they will love you better
People will come and promise more than can fulfil
People will come and promise never to make you cry

Am sorry if you are expecting all that from me
Because I will hurt you
Because I will have a mixed feelings about you
Because I won’t make promises to you
Because I will definitely make you cry

Am not perfect and can’t promise you perfection
I hope you will find my sincerity worthy of your love
But if this revelation changes your mind
Then I hope you will change your perception about life
But if you don’t then I hope you find a better man
But if you don’t then I hope you will be there for me.
For this is my life,
I have found it worth living
And will live it over and over again.


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Questionist Reborn

In quest for freedom and corrupt free nation;
In quest to bind and kill the destiny killer
We are biased with myopic myopia
Seldom our thought
That from the spring of wantonness loot;
That from the ever open gate of obtainment;
That from the negroid rock of age;
That from the long gonna imperialist
Lies our long-suffering

Alas! our suffering is alphabeta
For unto a higher form of subjugation
Is our reborn
Delivered from a questionist labour room
To a feeble born idaadaa
Accepting hook line and sinker,
We deliver our death warrant to blind obedience
But how obedient are our teachers?
Ah! I shall judge not,
For the anointing must not be touch
But does the anointing touch me?
If it does, I must not question
For the ways of God I must understand not
Me not anointed,
Me not theologically schooled,
Me a mare mortal;
Must be submissive to the anointed
Whom is my pulley to my eternal home,
But my day shall break,
For I alone must brake my day,
I must be a questionist again,
I must stage a revolution in my heart,
I must submit myself to Biblical inquiry;
Rather than religious indoctrination
For the former is the wisdom to toss me to my kingdom
But the later is blindness without cure

Idaadaa: in Igala language, one of the ethnic groups in Nigeria, the phrase refers to a non opinionated being who just succumbs to everything and everyone’s opinion without questioning whether its right or wrong

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Negroid Madness

As the political scenario in Nigeria get heated up with a petty disgrace that upholds Donald Triumph’s earlier statement that Africans should still be colonised and re-colonised over and over again, the madness is not only arising from the political elite class as seen with the case of missing budget and accumulation of unearn wealth, but depicted even in the ordinary citizens as seen in the case of randy men raping their 3 years old offspring, the different stories of men of God (supposed) setting members ablaze; asking them to eat grass or go naked and have sex with them as a revelation from God.

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