Date Rape: the untold pain of victims (part three)

“Why do you consult women's words when it is not their mouths that speak? Consult their eyes, their colour, their breathing, their timid manner, their slight resistance that is the language nature gave them for your answer. The lips always say 'No,' and rightly so; but the tone is not always the same, and that… Continue reading Date Rape: the untold pain of victims (part three)



The post you are about reading is an extract from a folktale told by a great Igala musician celebrated all over the Igala kingdom, Dr. Elijah Abalaka JP. Just because of the love he has for us, he gave us his only begotten son, that who so ever believe in him shall not perish but… Continue reading KARMA


Misplaced Priorities: the Nigeria situation

Those clamouring for more states creation in the southern region of the country have obviously missed the calculation or they are illusionary. Among the funny reasons for their protest is that which assert that, with more state creation in the region, the level of dominance by their northern counterpart will be minimize and further bring… Continue reading Misplaced Priorities: the Nigeria situation


Balancing Facts

Today a child is born into the mother's arm, 70% of what he becomes in life is the mothers doing, the rest is a product of superstructure (the religious believe and the culture) of his contemporary society. As the child grows up, and socialise with fellow children, they tend to fight and engage in one… Continue reading Balancing Facts